Crystal View is a filming company consisted of
young and experienced professionals with fresh ideas, creative
energy and original spirit. Established in 2014, Crystal View
always executes responsibly and effectively in every project.
Our effort is driven by our high quality production standards
and demands. We collaborate with artists and specialized
professionals, providing excellent results tailor made for each
unique production. The truth we try to follow is that films
inspire, excite & stimulate people with more potency than any
other medium, that’s why we love making films, and giving in
each one of them the full amount of our energy, creativity and
the Crystal View of life.

Xenia Ghali – Get Dirty ft Wyclef Jean

OPTIMIST – Change the way you see

A Flow Mobz – All I Wanna Do

Factory Outlet Campaign

A Flow Mobz ft. Lariss – Another Level

Colour Day Festival Aftermovie 2016

Slogan & A Flow Mobz – Underground Stars

Ελένη Φουρέιρα – Τι Κοιτάς feat. MIKE

A Flow Mobz – Thrill Over Fear

Slogan – The King of Autotune

Mr Chi x Gunplay – Beginning

Nikolija – Los Momak

Koubaras Campaign – #Psaxto

Saske – Safari

People of Black Earth

OGE – Feugo

STAN – Τι Δεν Καταλαβαίνεις

Slogan – Finetsa

Waterboom Festival (P.O.V.)

Γιάννης Πλούταρχος – Έρωτα Θεέ Και Κλέφτη

Sniper – Supreme

Μηδενιστής | Midenistis – Hannibal feat. Iratus

LUX Campaign – Art Of Senses

Saske – Ποιoς | Poios

Saske – Νυχτερινό Κολύμπι | Nixterino Kolimpi

Saske – Ξέρω Μάνα | Ksero Mana

Tempur / Elite Strom


Saske – Σερί | Seri Ft. Givi

ΕΛΤΑ – “Γράμμα στον Άη Βασίλη”

SNIK ft. Noizy – GANGO