Crystal View Entertainment is a creative hub that is surrounded by many forms of art in general and it’s based on film-making. Established in 2014, Crystal View consisted of young and experienced professionals with fresh ideas, creative energy and original spirit. Films inspire, excite & stimulate people with more potency than any other medium, this is why they are always our first priority. We love to create goals, have the vision to achieve them and produce things that matter.

Tempur / Elite Strom

Saske – N.ST.C.TO

LUX Campaign – Art Of Senses

Μηδενιστής | Midenistis – Hannibal feat. Iratus

Colour Day Festival Aftermovie 2016


People of Black Earth

Koubaras Campaign – #Psaxto

ΛΕΞ – Τίποτα στον κόσμο | LEX – Tipota Ston Kosmo

Slogan & A Flow Mobz – Underground Stars

Slogan – The King of Autotune

ΕΛΤΑ – Γράμμα στον Άη Βασίλη

Saske – Ποιός | Poios

A Flow Mobz – Thrill Over Fear

OPTIMIST – Change the way you see