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Film Production

Take it from the first draft to final deliverable. Begin your film with us and we will make sure to handle the entire process on our end. Handling the film production itself, we will make your vision, our vision.


We are in a continuous research for scriptwriters around Greece and Europe. The in-house scriptwriters are ready to adopt your ideas and transform them into a script with extraordinary feeling.

Film Distribution

Our team is well equipped to handle the distribution and sharing of your film. We bring you to the world after the film is done, ready to be sent out from you - to the world.


Are you searching for a casting collaboration with the film industry or simply want to experience it by participating in a part-time gig? Perhaps you are trying to find some actors for your own creative project - we can help you with that. Look no further, give us a nudge and we will make sure to reply to your casting call.

Music Production

Connect with us and we will make sure to connect you with the right people in the Music industry. Sound designers, producers and every other specialty to assist you in making your own music possible.

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