Filming in Greece



The implementation of the cash rebate system for the production of audiovisual works in Greece is a decisive step towards attracting film, television, documentary, animation producers and digital games developing companies to invest in the Greek creative sector.

The Greek cash rebate amounts to 35% on the eligible expenses incurred in Greece for all beneficiaries. Producers will have access to state aid once they pass the cultural test and spend at least €100,000 in the case of feature films or documentaries and €60,000 in the case of digital games in eligible expenses in Greece. Moreover, the updated legislation provides a more flexible floor for television series, starting at €30,000 per episode, with a minimum of all eligible expenses at €100,000, while projects are financed without a cap. The cash rebate will be available to producers no later than six months after the completion of production, provided that all prerequisites of the law have been met.

(“35% CASH REBATE | Hellenic Film Commission”, 2018)


The cash rebate for audiovisual works production supports feature films, documentaries, TV drama series, animated films and digital games that choose Greece as location in either principal photography and production development and/or post-production stage. The rebate does not apply to commercials, reality TV shows, TV games, sports or current affairs shows.

Applications may be made for international and domestic productions and/or co-productions to obtain a 35% cash rebate on the sum of eligible expenses incurred in Greek territory.

Application no later than 2 months before the beginning of production or post-production of the work in Greece


(“35% CASH REBATE | Hellenic Film Commission”, 2018)


Eligible to apply for cash rebate in Greece are undertakings which are established or have a branch in the Greek territory and operate in order to produce audiovisual works, foreign producers of audiovisual works who are contracted with an undertaking established or having a branch in Greek territory and operating for the purpose of producing audiovisual works and undertakings for the production of audiovisual works in the context of cross-border production.


(“35% CASH REBATE | Hellenic Film Commission”, 2018)


Minimum amount of eligible expenses:

€100,000 for feature films/ documentaries

€30,000 per episode for TV series, with a minimum of total eligible expenses at €100,000


(“35% CASH REBATE | Hellenic Film Commission”, 2018)


Greece has the most film-friendly climate for all kind of productions.
Sunshine most of the time during winter and fall period, low annual

rainfall, a mild climate and four distinct seasons. When it comes to
working with the Greek light it allows eight – hour shooting days in
the winter and twelve hours in the summer.


In Greece are located all kind of architectural monuments and
landmarks. The huge range of buildings from modern to the ancient
period offers a variety of perspectives for any kind of visual projects.
Commercials, fiction films, documentaries and more can be easily
achieved due to the fact that Greece’s architecture extents the ages
with examples from different eras, monasteries, neoclassical
mansions, sophisticated lofts with a panoramic view, Byzantine cities,
historical temples or ancient landmarks.


From traditional picturesque villages all around Greece to
mountainous hinterland and from the 6.000 islands and the amazing
beaches to greenfull forests and snow-capped mountains. Greece is a
natural stage set for all kind of audio-visual productions and can
provide a vast range of landscapes, amazing beaches, and sterile
expanses, even volcanoes and canyons. Greece is definitely an infinity
choice for location managers, and they will surely find what they are
looking for.


We know how important is to find the right place, environment for
your production, and planning a shoot in a foreign country. Therefore
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your project and be sure that you will have the best experience and
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