Music Production

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts The Big Oxmox advised her.

Music Production

Crystal View is an innovative entertainment company specializing in Film Production, always transforming opportunities into beautifully well-crafted material. As a company we are here to help you bring your initial idea to life by all means. We are together in each step of the Film Production. Each one of the 5 steps is equally important and a crucial part of the final product. Thus, we pay extra case to tailor and manage the production to the smallest of details. The film process we follow consists of:

Development: The start of a project varies, but the first stage generally begins with the development of a script, a book, a brief story outline. The film development project may also start with the Director or Writer pitching an idea to a group or people or producers.

Pre-Production: Pre-production is the most crucial part of every production. The character and the success of a film are sealed in the pre-production process. Beginning with hiring the film crew, the selected cast, establishing the locations and constructing the set and the surroundings.

Production: Each film has another story, character, feeling, and breeze. That is the way we approach it. The wide range that we have got in our vault give us the opportunity to treat each film differently. Planning ahead of the daily shoot, the main target is to stick to the budget and schedule. Communication is vital amongst location, set, office, crew, distributors – in brief, all parties involved

Post Production: Below production, we are as well specialized in the post production stage. We offer editing, color correction, sound design, and visual effects of the recorded film combined into a finished product.

Distribution: Once the film is finalized, the next stage is to be distributed. We have the means to securely choose the right distribution deal for your projects. We invest in order to promote your film in the best possible ways. The film will go into the cinema and/or be distributed via various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, poster, famous magazines.