A Flow Mobz

All I Wanna Do

By Angel Saft

The Project

Music Video for the music band ‘A Flow Mobs’. Joining a huge disco party, dancing under the rhythm of the song, washed with different colors of light, ending up in an eternal pillow fight.

All the artists and people are covered with feathers but this is not stopping them from dancing.

A Flow Mobz

Created & Directed by Angel Saft
DP: Yannis Fotou gsc.

Angel Saft

Art Director

I live in Athens. I like to make Films. I am inspired by images that emerge in my mind, which I consider reflections of my aesthetic. I am not sure where they come from, but I intend to find out soon. During this voyage I find myself doing Music Videos, Short films and anything that is surrounded by art, film and picture in general.