Xenia Ghali

Get Dirty ft Wyclef Jean

By Angel Saft

The Project

The music starts playing while we are moving on a dance floor where we meet different
dancers that we could find out from their outfits that they are from all over the world. Even
if they are dressed differently and representing various places of the world, they are dancing
the same kind of dance.

Xenia Ghali

Created & Directed by Angel Saft
Director of Photography: Konstantinos Kiousis
Steadycam: Xaris Pallas
Camera Assistant : Angelos Apergis
Set Designer: Daphne Alberti Larejack
Production Manager: Dimitris Voutos
Prop Master: Marios Poulos
Gaffer: Vangelis Kalavretinos
Production Company: Crystal View

Angel Saft

Art Director

I live in Athens. I like to make Films. I am inspired by images that emerge in my mind, which I consider reflections of my aesthetic. I am not sure where they come from, but I intend to find out soon. During this voyage I find myself doing Music Videos, Short films and anything that is surrounded by art, film and picture in general.